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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

HeyHey...Another Notification's coming up~~

What a long time guys,

I've been away for quite long time and never post anything around here since last few month.

I'm quite busy with some preparation for my upcoming "Adventurous Future", so, for this upcoming weeks, or maybe months, I will be keep going away, until everything of the messes be settled.

So,the good news is, I'm making some plan for my next return on my blog. For this moment,they are listed below:

1) This blog will continued in a new address or a brand new domain.
2) It will be officially posted public.
3) Posted public means I need more traffic, so at the same time, this blog will be inserted more element and content.
4) Well, for now, I'm thinking of adding fellowing main content:

i) Well, firstly is my weekly experience, review of environment around me.
ii) "Ease-to-learn" Photoshop Tips and Skill. This is the topic I wanna share since long time ago.(some other product of Adobe will be added too)
iii) Reviews on anything from internet, gadgets or any individual...hmm..seems not bad...but not kind of PAPARAZZI type...
iv) Photography. This one seems been to be delayed,delayed and delayed. Cox until now I still haven get my own camera so that I couldn't manage to express with my own experience :( But as following the plans, this will be fulfilled within this year :)

So, the next time I return, Doufu will be a real blogger and doing REAL EFF-ing Blogger thing.
And my goal is make DOUFU a real trademark of myself.

Your support and follows will be returned with millions of Thankfulness!!


Sincerely from,

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